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The Tile Waterproofing Experts in Auckland

Protect your bathroom for longer. You want a room that looks nice but also functions as it should. If you’re starting to see rot in your bathroom or broken tiles then you need to act fast. Discover how waterproofing can extend the life time of your bathroom and increase the value of your property.  Ask us how you can keep your tiles and grout looking great and lasting longer.

Bathroom and Tiling are experts at waterproofing and grouting your bathroom. Tile maintenance is an important part of keeping your shower tiles and grout looking as great as the day you bought them. We know you want a professional job done that won’t break the bank, so we offer affordable services to all our customers.  Bathroom and Tiling are available to talk to you about what bathroom solutions best suits you. Get in touch today, we’re ready to help!

Why you need to waterproof your bathroom

No one wants a bathroom that has water damage. Not only does it hurt the rooms look but it can affect everything from the bathroom’s structural integrity to its resale value. Just as worrying, however, is what your friends and family will think! No one wants to be known for a mouldy bathroom with nasty damage. At Bathroom and Tiling we understand the seriousness of water damaged bathrooms, and that’s why we provide a lasting waterproofing solution from the start of your bathroom renovation project.

Don’t waste time looking up videos on how to do it yourself waterproofing and tiling, you may end up causing major damage and have to spend big money to get it right.  Let the professionals prevent the problems from occurring, contact us now.

Act now before it’s too late

If you are thinking about a new bathroom, then contact Auckland’s Bathroom and Tiling. We have experience in protecting your bathroom and designing a solution that is right for you. Contact us now on 09 213 3604 or on christian@bathroomandtiling.co.nz to find out more about the tile waterproofing bathroom specialists.